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European Institute for
Physical Therapy und Balneology (EIPB)

The EIPB was founded to continue the work of the Interdisciplinary Treatment and Research Center (IBF) Balneology at the University Medical Center Freiburg headed by J. Naumannn 2011-2018.

The EIPB has the task to research the knowledge of physical therapies and balneology, to collect the existing knowledge and to make this knowledge available allover the world. 

This is currently achieved by offering courses for  "Physical Therapa" and "Balneology and Medical Climatology"

The EIPB also advises ministries, health resorts, certifies or predicates them and offers expert opinions on all topics relating to physical therapy, rehabilitation, balneology, health resorts and mineral water in accordance with the the according laws.

The EIPB is internationally networked and  a member of Heilbäderverband Baden-Württemberg, Deutscher Heilbäderverband, the International Society for Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) and the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC),

Medical courses for 
"Physical Therapy"
"Balneology and Medical Climatology"

Physical therapy
Course A = Module I


Therapy methods
Basics, mechanisms of action of physical therapy, balneology and climatic therapy,
Diagnostics, prevention, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, nutritional medicine
Special clinical aspects
Cardiovascular System
Practical aspects
Further education regulations, remedies directives 

Physical therapy
Course B = Module II


Therapy methods 
Physiotherapy, movement therapy,
Medical training therapy, basics of manual medicine 
Special clinical aspects
Musculoscelettal system
Practical aspects
Cooperation doctor-therapist

Course C = Balneology


Therapy methods
Balneology, spa medicine
Special clinical aspects
metabolism, digestive system, orthopedic diseases
Practical aspects
Bathing doctor activity 

Course D = Medical Climatology and Light Therapy 


Therapy methods
Medical climatology, light therapy
Special clinical aspects
Lungs, respiratory tract, skin
Practical aspects

Physical therapy
Course E = Module III


Therapy methods
Ergotherapy,  rehabilitation
Special clinical aspects
Nervous System
Practical aspects
Rehabilitation System 

Physical therapy
Course F = Module IV


Therapy methods
Electrotherapy, massage,
Complex physical decongestion therapy
Special clinical aspects
Pain, psychosomatic diseases,
Psychovegetative syndromes, edema diseases
Practical aspects
Prescription of physical therapy

Head and Organization

Dr. med. Johannes Naumann

Stadtstr.  7

D-79104 Freiburg

Teaching Staff 

Dr. Ahmed Almousa

Specialist of Orthopadics ,Traumatology and Hand Surgery ,  Manual Medicine, Physical Therapy and Balneology 

Wildrosenallee 7 

D-57078 Siegen



Phone 0157-57958374

(please contact only by mail if possible !)


600€ per course of physical therapy

800€ per course

            balneology and medical climatology

Location (see map below)

Vita culinaria room

Kur und Bäder GmbH

Herbert-Hellmann-Allee 12

D-79189 Bad Krozingen

Exception: course C and D from 3-10.7.2021, which will take place in Bad Mitterndorf in Austria and will be organized via


2 or 4 courses are offered in a row.

The courses start on the first course day at 1 p.m. and end on the last course day at about 4 p.m.

Course location is Bad Krozingen.

Half of the course time is taught practically. Practical training means to observe practitioners at work, but also to experience the procedures yourself.

The courses are structured like a cure, so that you can experience the relaxing effects of a cure and repeated applications with the balneological and physical therapies on your own body.

During the whole course you will have free entrance to the thermal bath with sauna at the respective course location.

The lectures are available at the beginning of the course as pdf via dropbox.


The courses are accredited by the Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg according to the old and the new WBO and are generally recognized by all other German medical associations.

Nevertheless, please ask your medical association for the procedure before the course starts. For all courses, including those in Austria, advanced training points are applied for at LAEK Baden-Württemberg and have so far been approved without exception (1 FB points per teaching unit).

An accreditation with the Austrian Medical Association is in progress.

The course offers the possibility to obtain the qualification "Physical Therapy and Balneology" and according to the new WBO "Physical Therapy" or "Balneology and Medical Climatology" or the qualification as a spa or bath doctor on a high level with a lot of practice and fun in a reasonable time. 
Group sizes of 15-20 participants will not be exceeded if possible or then the groups will be divided for the practice if necessary.
The courses can be booked individually and combined with courses of other providers


Vita culinaria Raum der Kur- und Bäder GmbH
Herbert-Hellmann-Allee 12
D-79189 Bad Krozingen